College of Wizardry Advanced Dungeons & Dragons AD&D 2nd Edition TSR 1998 Wizards of the Coast

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College of Wizardry Advanced Dungeons & Dragons AD&D 2nd Edition TSR 1998 Wizards of the Coast

So you want to learn Magic?

With the cominf of the Dragon of Shades, an Age of the World came to an apocalyptic end. Centuries passed, and civilisation limped back into the light of knowledge. Now a new Age has dawned, as the wizards of the present seek to discover the lost arcane art of the past known only as the The Language Primeval.

College of Wizardry presents a complete guild of magic that can be placed in its entirity into any campaign world. This 96-page booklet contains:
  • The secret history of the College of Wizardry, "Mathghamhna" in the Elder Tongue.
  • A complete listing of the college members, including descriptions and stats for the chancellor and regents of this Arcane Order.
  • Directions on how to fit the the College of Wizardry into any of TSR's currently published worlds.
  • Rules for enroling PC wizards into the college at any level, including as apprentices.
  • A full-colour poster showing the three towers of Mathghamhna.
  • New spells and magical items.
  • Two unique magicla power sources: The Spellcrux and The Language Primeval.
  • Four mini-adventures for characters who range from apprentice to 11th level.
  • Companion accessory to Den of Thieves.