Earthdawn Horrors An Earthdawn Sourcebook 1995 FASA #6107

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Earthdawn Horrors An Earthdawn Sourcebook 1995 FASA #6107


Even now I dream of claws and fangs and of floating in a vast sea of evil, my lips only a fraction above the surface. At other times I dream of being devoured from the inside out, my skin only minutes from crumbling away to reveal my true self as a Horror ...
--Adesian Skoln, from "Regarding the Horrors, Their Origins, and Their Nature"

Horrors offers a chilling, intimate view of the astral-spawned creatures that ravaged the world of Earthdawn during the Scourge. Presented as a compilation of documents recording what is known of Horrors both great and small, this book provides players and gamemasters with a unique perspective on these abominations: what they are, what they do, and how and why they continue to attack the inhabitants of Barsaive.

This sourcebook describes more than twenty Horrors, including fifteen of the most powerful and dangerous of their kind. Horrors also offers new Horror powers and abilities, clarifications of existing Horror powers, a new Discipline, the Horror Stalker, and guidelines for using Horrors and their deadly spawn in adventures and campaigns.