Forgotten Realms Menzoberranzan Box Set AD&D 1992 TSR 1083

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Forgotten Realms Menzoberranzan Box Set AD&D 1992 TSR 1083

Three books in this boxed set explain the ways of Menzoberranzan in detail.

Book One: The City gives the reader a tour of the streets and districts, a wealth of information on various practices and customs, and an overview of daily life for each class of citizen (and non-citizen).

Book Two: The Houses presents all eighteen major and minor Houses of the city, including the Matron Mothers and their immediate families, as well as any important advisers and associates.

Book Three: The Adventure gives players a chance to take their characters into the web of deceit and intrigue woven by the denizens of this famed city.

Additionally, this boxed set includes:

* four connecting poster-sized maps of the city proper;

* one poster map of the House Baenre compound;

* a poster showing the rivalries and alliances among all eighteen major and minor houses;

* a 16-page House Do'Urden retrospective and the collected essays of Drizzt;

* twelve cardsheets containing in-depth statistics on main characters from Houses Nurbonnis and Millithor, and small maps for use in the adventure;

* and a full-color poster of the stunning box cover art by Jeff Easley.