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Forgotten Realms Once Around the Realms

Forgotten Realms Once Around the Realms

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Forgotten Realms Once Around the Realms

Volothamp Geddarm ("Volo" to his public), traveler, author, Renaissance man of the Realms, has been known to brag on occasion, to bet even more often.

So when a discussion as to who is the greatest traveler in the Realms takes place in his presence, of course he is going to defend his hard-won reputation, no matter what the consequences.

Soon Volo and his erstwhile companion, Passepout, are n a grand tour the likes of which Toril has never seen.

From Chult to Kara Tur, from Suzail to the Shining South, even the Land of the Dead to Maztica, Volo and Passepout make their way around the globe...little suspecting that this simple bet masks a dark conspiracy unlike any other.

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