Space Master Tales From Deep Space Adventure I.C.E. Science Fiction RPG

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Space Master Tales From Deep Space Adventure I.C.E. Science Fiction RPG

This is an Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.) ICE9103 Tales from Deep Space adventure for use with the Space Master roleplaying game. It was released in 1988.

Tales from Deep Space: Perils on the Imperial Frontier is a Spacemaster 2nd Edition adventure module.


Somewhere out there, in a distant and unsurveyed Sector, lurks a cold and mysterious presence. Amongst the icy remains of his last helpless victims, he hides in the frozen hold of a derelict vessel. He waits and he is hungry....

Time passes, and eventually something comes along. More frail human beings have arrived. He stirs from his dormant state into alertness-food is here.


TALES FROM DEEP SPACE includes five ready-to-run adventures, twelve predesigned characters, detailed campaign background information, and a new Insystem Encounter Chart.

From the mighty core Provinces of the Terran Empire to the alien and hostile reaches of the Frontier, space holds countless adventures for those bold enough to venture into the unknown. These and other adventures await you as you sail amongst the stars in DEEP SPACE:

  • An alien force attacks a vital orbital laboratory, and the scientists must be rescued.
  • On a routine Planetary and Racial Survey in the Frontier, you encounter a Xeno-sentient race with potentially devastating power.
  • In an unsurveyed Sector, an undamaged and apparently lifeless vessel floats abandoned. Is it a fortune in salvage or the legendary Ghost Ship?


YOUR adventures will form the cosmic lore of the Empire-stories repeated and embellished for time eternal, in every Starport and Cantina throughout the Human Sphere.