SpellJammer Realmspace With Map Accessory AD&D 2nd Edition 1991 TSR 9312

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SpellJammer Realmspace With Map Accessory AD&D 2nd Edition 1991 TSR 9312

Toril: that blue-green orb on which live Elminster, Lhaeo, and the Harpers, to name but a few.

The planet so many adventurers call "home." To many, it seems to be the center of the universe. Far be that from the truth! There are seven other planets in Toril's system, some closer to the primary star, other farther from its warmth.

These pages revel the little-known facts about every planet in Realmspace: the crystal sphere containing the lands known as the Forgotten Realms.

Realmspace is an accessory for the SPELLJAMMER campaign setting. The SPELLJAMMER boxed set is needed to use this booklet.

The material in this accessory will enhance any FORGOTTEN REALMS campign in which the concept of spelljamming has been (or is about to be) introduced. 

In addition to the 96-page booklet, this product includes:

A full-size poster map of the Realmspace crystal sphere, showing all the planets in their relative orbits. statistics on new ship types, including the Batship and the Tsunami. several short adventurers, suitable for introducing characters to the wonders of Realmspace.