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Star Strike (Space Master, 2nd Edition) [BOX SET] Complete and unpunched

Star Strike (Space Master, 2nd Edition) [BOX SET] Complete and unpunched

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Star Strike (Space Master, 2nd Edition) [BOX SET] Complete and unpunched 130 ship counters; 240 utility counters.

Star Strike, a fast-paced boardgame of starcraft combat in the far future. Star Strike doubles as the starship expansion set for Space Master: The Role Playing Game.

Star Strike simulate deep-space battles involving any number of vessels. Dogfight with small but lethal SMAC fighters or deploy Line Cruisers to slug it out with a death dealing Dreadnought.

Basic, Standard, and Advanced rules are included. - YOU choose the level of detail and realism. Even more detailed Optional Rules can be layered on as you desire.
Star Strike is completely compatible with Space Master: The Role Playing Game and includes a comprehensive starcraft construction system. These guidelines for custom ship design are based upon power, cost and space availability.

Space Master: Star Strike includes:
Strike Book (96 pages)
• The Basic Game: Simple, easy-to-learn rules and scenarios for beginners.
• The Standard Game: Comprehensive rules with a full array of starcraft, weapon types, scenarios and campaign suggestions.
• The Advanced Game: Rules to extend the action into 3 dimensions.
. • Optional Rules: All the electronic warfare, sensors, warheads, alternate shipboard systems, and combat choices a sci-fi gamer could want.
• Starcraft Construction Rules: Custom design guidelines for any class of space vessel.

Tables and Forms Book (40 pages)
• Combat Tables: Attack charts for auto cannons, lasers, blasters, disruptors, ion and plasma cannons, along with explosive, nuclear and matter/anti-matter warheads. Also 6 Critical Results Tables for penetrating strikes and 5 for crew casualties.
• Starcraft Displays: Forms to keep track of statistics and damage.
• Game Charts: The most commonly used charts in one section for quick reference.

Playing Pieces
• 130 Starcraft Counters: full-color counters depicting 29 vessel types.
• 240 Utility Counters: Torpedos, mines, asteroids, generic vessels, etc.
• 6 Tactical Maps: With 2 hex sizes for use with counters or miniatures.
• 2 Percentile Dice

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