Star Wars Graveyard of Alderaan West End Games

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Star Wars Graveyard of Alderaan West End Games

But Princess Leia's plea to Grand Moff Tarkin went unheeded, and the Death Star battle station turned its deadly super laser upon the unsuspecting world. Alderaan, once a paradise world where violence was nonexistent, was totally obliterated.

Now only an asteroid field remains to remind the galaxy of the might of the Empire. It is called the Graveyard by spacers and free-traders, and stories about it fill the idle hours in cantinas from the Outer Rim to the Core itself — rumors of Jedi artifacts floating among the ruins, of ghost ships that wink in and out of sight.

Who will venture into the field of shattered rock to confirm the tales of a powerful legacy from the past? Who will brave the dangers of the Graveyard of Alderaan?