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Star Wars West End Games Scoundrel's Luck

Star Wars West End Games Scoundrel's Luck

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Star Wars West End Games Scoundrel's Luck

"Never tell me the odds!"

It started as a simple planetfall on Ord Mantell for some rest and relaxation. Han wanted to gamble his reward money into a sum large enough to pay off Jabba the Hutt. Leia preferred more sophisticated entertainment.

But now the princess is missing, and a knee-high Droid is challenging the smuggler to a transgalactic race — with Leia's life as the prize! What will Han do?

Han Solo — mercenary smuggler, reluctant hero, and pilot extraordinaire — stars in this fast-paced tale of quick wits and tough decisions. You'll choose his best options and fight his opponents.

Sometimes logic is your best tool as you analyze the situation as Han sees it. Sometimes you just have to trust his phenomenal flying skills. And sometimes Han's destiny must be left to luck itself!

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