The Black Vessel Mystara Morris Simon TSR 1996

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The Black Vessel Mystara Morris Simon TSR 1996

Join Mazrooth al Yedom, Almarrion's wisest mage, in his quest to discover the mysterious origins of the Red Curse in the Savage Baronies. Experience intrigue and danger in a blend of revolution and sorcery in the heartland of Los Guardianos. Travel with two heroic Honourbound warriors in their desperate race to save their homelands from an ancient and deadly evil force.

The discovery of a cursed statue buried deep within an ancient silver mine in Almarron becomes the focus of sinister intrigue and arcane research. Mazrooth al Yeodm's study of the dangerous sculpture extends far beyond the Savage Baronies in time and space to confront an evil presence guarded by mystery and ancient sorceries.

Will the sculpture provide clues to the origin and control of the Red Curse? Can its terrible power be tapped by the feuding nobles of Almarron for their own revolutionary purposes? Discover for yourself the sinister secrets of The Black Vessel.