Vampire: The Masquerade A World of Darkness

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Where Light Fears to Tread...
Throughout the world mortals walk, believing themselves safe in the light of civilization. But what happens when the darkness does not recede but stays, refusing to yield to the penetrating rays of light?
How Can There be Hope?
Voodoo cults in the Caribbean, lost tribes in the Middle East, hidden castles of Europe and geomancy in the boardrooms of Hong Kong. Everywhere the shadows flicker, but here they rule. From the Americas to Asia, from Ireland to Jordan, there are those places where the light of reason and hope has never intruded. And here even the forces of night may meet their end.
A World of Darkness includes:
  • Details on some of the Earth's darkest sites, from the notorious Vampire Club in San Francisco to the lost Valley of Kings in Jordan, design for use with any game in the Storytelling series;
  • Expanded information on the Vampires of Asia;
  • Source material on the mysterious Inconnu, the hidden sect of ancient power.