Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Barony of the Damned Black Industries WFRP 2nd Edition

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Barony of the Damned Black Industries WFRP 2nd Edition

Mousillon is a land cursed by evil and death.  For years, this forlorn place has festered with its own corruption, inhospitable to even the most disgusting vermin.  But now, a new force has emerged, and enemy that could plunge all of Bretonnia into war.  It is against this backdrop that the Player Characters meet Mousillon in all its filthy ugliness.

In Barony of the Damned, the Player Characters are hired by a powerful noble to bring back the head of a nefarious agitator, Guido LeBeau.  In following his trail, it's clear the fugitive sought safety inside Mousillon.  Travelling through the wilderness, they must contend with Mousillon's peasants and nobles alike, as they track their quarry to the city itself.  Once inside Mousillon, they find themselves embroiled in a twisted tale of intrigue and investigation, thwarting the plots of pirates, murderers, and even the blasphemous force behind the Barony of the Damned.  But escaping Mousillon is no easy task.  Once inside, there's no getting out unless they can find the head of their prey.

Barony of the Damned is a stand alone adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, designed to breathe life into one of Bretonnia's more infamous lands.  In addition to the adventure, this book details the Mousillon, its history, its people, and politics.  Inside you'll find several new monsters like the Grey Men, new diseases such as the Rod Pox and the Swampaire's Croup, and two new careers: the Frogwife and the Swampaire.  In addition, this book presents statistics and information on all the important characters found in this foetid land.

Can the heroes survive the terrors of Mousillon long enough to bring back the head of Guido LeBeau?  Find out in Barony of the Damned.