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Arcana Societies of Magic d20 Green Ronin 2006

Arcana Societies of Magic d20 Green Ronin 2006

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Arcana Societies of Magic d20 Green Ronin 2006

Six Degrees of Prestidigitation!

Sorcerers and wizards are not the only practitioners of the magical arts.  Esoteric orders of arcane initiates push the boundaries of magic beyond the limits of tomes and blood.  Arcana: Societies of Magic details six different organizations that employ unique styles of magic to achieve thier ends.

  • Abbey of Green Steel:  Some say that the self-discipline needed to master the arts of the monk is incompatible with the pursuit of magic.  The Abbey of Green Steel begs to differ
  • The Dragon Gang:  Many sorcerers claim the blood of dragons flow through their veins.  The criminals of the Dragon Gang could teach them a thing or two. . .
  • The School Beyond the Veil:  This martial school has woven divination and prophecy into a unique fighting style that creates the deadliest warriors in the world because they know what their opponents will do next.  But knoledge, as they say, is a double-edged sword. . .
  • Servants of Decay:  Cities are the highest achievements of any civilized culture and the fount of their power.  Yet, not everyone views cities with pleasure; many see them as cancers upon the face of Mother Earth.  Such are the Servants of Decay.
  • Tribunal of Arcane Law:  PCs may laugh at the feeble efforts of the local watch, but their laughter will turn to tears when they are charged with Crimes Against Wizardry
  • Temple of the Living God:  Even gods can die, though they strive mightily to avoid oblivion.  This temple is one god's last chance to win back a place in the heavens.

Each chapter of Arcana: Societies of Magic includes information on its group's history, goals, and hierarchy, as well as full D20 system stats for its important personalities.   New skills, feats, spells, templates and prestige classes make it a complete package. 

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