Black Snow Days O'Keefe, Claudia

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Black Snow Days O'Keefe, Claudia

The world - as we know it - has ended. The world - period - has ended for the teenager son of a brilliant nanospecialist, the day he met full-body with a wall, at high speed. Reconstructed in body and with a amplified brain-power, the boy wakes to a world that has waited for years for him to get up and lead the way to a fabled secret base his mother had built and never revealed, before her untimely death.

The thing is - even if his body has grown, Eric is still a teenager in mind, since he had no chance to become an adult. So he does what a teen would do: sulk and refuse to raise a finger. The desprerate world will not take no for an answer,not even from its probable saviour, and aided by Car, a machine enhanced with a bit of an artificial intelligence, and haunted by a feminine alter-ego that protects his mind from the worst shocks, Eric sets out to find this secret base...

His plan is to find a quick way to suicide.

Car just wants its owner alive and happy.