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Rolemaster Arcane Companion

Rolemaster Arcane Companion

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I.C.E. Iron Crown Enterprises Rolemaster Standard System 3rd Edition Arcane Companion (VG/VG+)

Manufacturer: I.C.E. Iron Crown Enterprises
Product Line: Rolemaster Standard System 3rd Edition
Type: Softcover
Code: ICE5600
Copyright Date: 1996
Author: Todd McGovern, John Curtis
Page Count: 184

In Arcane Companion you get:
• A discussion of the concepts and premises behind Arcane magic and how GMs can introduce it into their games.
• Guidelines on how to mesh the rules for the Arcane into the Rolemaster Standard Rules, how to handle temporary enchantments (called Bladerunes), and the risks of using Arcane magic.
• Four new Arcane-using professions.
• Rules for controlling the acquisition of Arcane magic (through the use of a new concept—macro lists).
• 46 Arcane spell lists (including 10 Open Arcane Lists, 10 Closed Arcane Lists, and 26 Arcane Base Lists).
• Four new spell attack tables (including Void Bolt, Void Ball, Mana Bolt, and Mana Ball attack tables) and a revised Basic Spell Attack Table.
• A Spell Failure Table for Arcane magic.


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