Cthulhu Tech Cthulhutech DARK PASSIONS Expansion Call of Cthulhu Catalyst Wildfire

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Cthulhu Tech Cthulhutech DARK PASSIONS Expansion Call of Cthulhu Catalyst Wildfire


At Your Doorstep

The Aeon War rages outside. The Migou encroach on the heart of civilization from Alaska. The Rapine Storm throws itself against failing lines in China. Dark things awaken in the forgotten corners of the world. All the while, sinister cults erode the New Earth Government from within.


Fight fanatical suicide bombers dedicated to the fall of civilization – and the destruction of our “alien” brethren. Face your own inner fortitude in the face of overwhelming temptations of forbidden physical pleasures. Sleep fitfully in the fear that something out there is intent to ravage your dreams.


All in your neighborhood. Down the street. Even next door.


Nowhere else will you find a setting like CthulhuTech.


Inside this book you will find:

• a detailed discussion of cults within society, their influence, and how they are dealt with by the New Earth Government.

• four pieces of unusual fiction to help portray the ugliness of
cult influence.

• eight unique and insidious minor cults, including the Congregation of the Earth Mother, a nearly destroyed fertility cult with much darker origins, the Empty, a lost “group” of the homeless and hopelessly deranged, and the mysterious Scions of Forever, who seem to know the streams of time and just how to manipulate it.

• guidelines and ideas for creating cult games or for integrating them into your already existing CthulhuTech game.

• four new cultist Professions – Congregation Medium, Cult Provocateur, Cult Svengali, and Cult Witch – so you can explore the dark side from the other side.

• story starters and hooks, to bring minor cults into your game now, or to start your own cultist game.


This book is meant to be used with the CthulhuTech storytelling game and requires the Core Book