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Daggerspell DeVerry #1 Katharine Kerr 1987

Daggerspell DeVerry #1 Katharine Kerr 1987

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Daggerspell DeVerry #1 Katharine Kerr 1987

The powerful sorcerer Nevyn broke a promise long ago and a curse has trapped him ever since. He waits for the one who might break him free of his prison.

A wait that may soon finally come to an end. Jill is the daughter of a Silver Dagger, a band of wandering swordsmen who fight for money, not honour.

After her mother died when she was young, father and girl took to the road, living from town to town, never settling. Jill's only friends are the mysterious spirits known as Wildfolk: gnomes, sylphs, sprites and undines.

Their magical presence in her life marks her out as different; special. but young Jill has no idea what the destiny has in store for her.

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