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Deadlands The Quick and the Dead Pinnacle 1002

Deadlands The Quick and the Dead Pinnacle 1002

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Deadlands The Quick and the Dead Pinnacle 1002

We're rounding up a posse. One with sand. One ready to spit in the fires of Hell just to hear the sizzle. One ready to laugh in the face of the Reaper even when the joke's on them. One ready to learn the forbidden lore of the Weird West without running screaming into the night.

Join us if you think you're up to it. But once you're in, there's no turning back. The Deadlands rulebook gave you the rules. Now it's time to give you the world-or at least the darkest corner of it. Inside this terrible tome, you'll find The Tombstone Epitaph's Guide to the Weird West, which tells all about the world of Deadlands, including the scoop on the election of '76, the Great Rail Wars, and the twisted tales of the High Plains.

You'll also get the low-down on such rough-and-tumble towns as Deadwood, Tombstone, and Dodge-the "Heart of the West". To help you tenderfeet survive your journey, you'll also find new rules for posses and Marshals, including arcane lore on knacks, relics, and duels.

It's all here, but you'd best read it quick, 'cause there's only two kinds of heroes in Deadlands.

The quick and the dead.

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