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Dragonlance Fifth Age Box Set SAGA TSR 1148 Dungeons Dragons 1996

Dragonlance Fifth Age Box Set SAGA TSR 1148 Dungeons Dragons 1996

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Dragonlance Fifth Age Box Set SAGA TSR 1148 Dungeons Dragons 1996

A generation ago, the War with Chaos heralded a new age for the world of Krynn - the Age of Mortals. Just as the shattered land of Ansalon had begun to recover, a new threat from across the sea descended upon the populace: the Great Dragons. Larger and more fierce than any wyrms ever to battle in the wars of past ages, these beasts have brought terrible oppression to the land they now claim. Humans and elves, dwarves and centaurs, minotaurs and kender all suffer under their shadow.

But the FIFTH AGE is not without its heroes. Born of myriad races, these valiant souls found inspiration in legends of the heroes of yore. They now take up sword and lance, master an almost forgotten primordial magic, and harness the untold energies of the human heart to defend their people from the dragon lords of Ansalon.

DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE is an all new role-playing game that builds on the foundation of the best-selling novel Dragons of Summer Flame, by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The game features the unique SAGA dramatic adventure rules, designed to reproduce the sweeping romance and fantastic epics of the DRAGONLANCE tradition. The FIFTH AGE game contains:

Book of the FIFTH AGE, 128 pages detailing the SAGA rules, a new narrative game system that emphasizes roles over rules and gives players more game control.

Dusk or Dawn, 96 pages introducing the Ansalon of the FIFTH AGE.

Heroes of a New Age, a 48-page introductory dramatic adventure.

The Fate Deck, 82 colorful cards that govern all aspects of game play.

18 character cards featuring the greatest heroes and villains of the FIFTH AGE, plus a pre-generated party of heroes.

The challenge is upon all of us!

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