Fading Suns D20 Character Codex

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Fading Suns D20 Character Codex

Player characters come from all walks of life: nobles, priests, guildsmen, aliens and barbarians. Now, they can come from even more freakish backgrounds!

The Fading Suns: d20 Character Codex is an invaluable expansion to the Fading Suns: d20 rules. It includes alien races, the Changed (genetically engineered mutants), prestige classes.

The True Knight, the Saint, the Talent, the Phoenix Guardsman, and the Manifest Light Commando, new psychic powers, new theurgy rites, weapons, equipment and valuable information on knightly orders, new religions, guilds, and military units.

This book represents material previously published in the Fading Suns Players Companion with all new d20 System rules.