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GURPS Atomic Horror 1st Edition Steve Jackson Games 1993

GURPS Atomic Horror 1st Edition Steve Jackson Games 1993

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GURPS Atomic Horror 1st Edition Steve Jackson Games 1993

Watch The Skies! Alien invaders! Giant lizards from another age! Flesh-eating zombies! Colossal insects! Mad scientists! Blobs! Only you can defend humanity, civilization, and the American Way from these terrible horrors. GURPS Atomic Horror contains everything you need to roleplay the science-fiction and horror movies of the 1950s.

The campaign can be as scary as The Thing, as dramatic as The Day the Earth Stood Still, as strange as Little Shop of Horrors or as goofy as Plan 9 From Outer Space, the choice is yours.

Characters can be square-jawed scientists and military men, heroic explorers, misunderstood teenagers, cold-war spies, G-men, gangsters.... or just ordinary folks caught up in unearthly weirdness.

GURPS Atomic Horror contains: A comprehensive guide to '50s politics, society, and attitudes suitable for any campaign - not just science fiction/horror. Five new alien races, completely described and ready to invade the Earth.

In fact, some of them are already here! Guidelines for creating more than a dozen different kinds of movie monsters, from gill-men to carnivorous plants to living human brains in jars. Alternate world campaign ideas, like a '50s where the Nazis won World War II, or a futuristic '50s where our own flying saucers conquer space.

A detailed filmography listing dozens of '50s science horror films, from the classics to the turkeys. GURPS Basic Set is required to use of this book in a GURPS campaign.

GURPS Atomic Horror can also be used as sourcebook for any roleplaying system.

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