GURPS Magic Items #2 SJG 6512 Steve Jackson Games 1999

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GURPS Magic Items #2 SJG 6512 Steve Jackson Games 1999

GURPS Magic Items 2 once again opens the doors to shops full of arcane artifacts and enchanted objects. From magical weaponry to marvelous tools, this book provides detailed descriptions of over 450 completely new items.

All of the familiar magical shops from Magic Items 1 are here, with new items for armor and protection, magical weaponry, mystical healing, necromantic magic, curses, tricks and traps, and more. In addition, this book introduces eight new shops that magic-seeking adventurers can visit, with items for bardic magic, adventuring, holy magic, and entertainment.

Also included are: Enchantment - Expanded rules on alternate methods of enchantment, including a detailed section on enchanting holy magic items, primitive enchantment, improvised enchantment, and creating runic items. Quirking - Optional rules for adding quirks to enchanted items.

Complete tables are provided to give GMs the ultimate flexibility in personalizing magic items - from swords that cough to cloaks that insult their wearers. Spellbooks - A detailed section on creating and using Spellbooks as tools for mages. Many mystical items lurk within these pages

What are you waiting for? Mount you trusty steed, take sword in hand, and sally forth for high adventure!