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GURPS Martial Arts

GURPS Martial Arts

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GURPS Martial Arts

Flying fists and devastating kicks... hands as deadly as swords.  This is GURPS Martial Arts.  From silent and deadly ninja to vigilante crimefighters who take justice into their own trained hands, Martial Arts has it all!

This book presents detailed rules for expert hand to hand combat.  You don't just do "a kick" or "a punch."  You can specify a spinning back kick, followed by a leg sweep and an arm lock!  No problem... except for your foe!

Abilities are divided into realistic - for those who want to accurately portray martial arts as they really are - and cinematic, to simulate the on-screen action of heroes like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, or even the Saturday afternoon Kung Fu Theater!

Also included are sections on the history of the martial arts, and on special martial-arts weapons.

GURPS Martial Arts presents rules for 38 different martial arts styles, from An Ch'i to Wushu Kung Fu, with the skills and maneuvers practiced by each.  There are also complete rules for creating balanced new styles, and three examples - like the Sylvan War Lore practiced by Elvish warriors.

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