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GURPS Ogre Steve Jackson Games 2000

GURPS Ogre Steve Jackson Games 2000

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GURPS Ogre Steve Jackson Games 2000

The Last War . . . . . . Where survival is a matter of luck, skill, and superior firepower. The year is 2060, and the first fully cybernetic tank is rolling off the assembly line - and into a world at war.

Tactical nuclear weapons scorch the forests of Europe. Rebellious cities burn. And the Ogres are here. More than 25 yards long and bristling with high-tech weaponry, the Ogres are the last word in killing machines. They storm across battlefields, terrorizing friend and foe alike.

And worse, some are more than mere machines - some are aware . . .

This book adapts the setting of the classic Ogre wargame into an exciting roleplaying universe. You can be a member of the ruthless armed forces of the late 21st century, a desperate survivor in a world where nuclear exchange is a way of life, or even an Ogre itself. Welcome to the Last War. Wear your helmet.

The GURPS Basic Set is required to use this book in a GURPS campaign. Compendium I: Character Creation and GURPS Vehicles are strongly recommended. The setting presented in GURPS Ogre can be used with any game system.

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