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GURPS Special Ops Third Edition Steve Jackson Games

GURPS Special Ops Third Edition Steve Jackson Games

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GURPS Special Ops Third Edition Steve Jackson Games

Tough jobs for Tough troops
Small forces penetrate enemy lines to strike critical targets. Teams of experts turn civilians into organized guerrillia armies. Blackmasked raiders smash through the windows of an embassy to free hostages. 

GURPS Special Ops Third Edition brings this world to roleplaying. All the violent action and all the planning, organization, and coordination necessary to complete an operation successfully - are in your hands.

GURPS Special Ops Third Edition

  • A historical survey of special operations since the 18th century, with reports of actual operations, successful and unsuccessful. 
  • Details of the organization, selection, and training of special operations units of Australia, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • A template-based character generation system for quickly creating highly trained Special Ops troopers. 
  • Descriptions and game stats for the latest military weapons and equipment.
  • Terrorists, gurerillias, and enemy soldiers - a catalog of opponents in the dirty war. 
  • Hints for organiazing a special operations campaign, with down-in-the-dirt realism or Hollywood heroics.
  • Brief national leaders on the latest crisis... scheme and sweat to ram a workable plan through the entanglements of bureaucracy... face a ruthless enemy at point-blank range with no margin for error. 

The detailed history of special operations, descriptions of units, weapons, and equipment, and advice on scenarios in GURPS Special Ops Third Edition will be useful to anyone running a military campaign that focuses on special warfare. 

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