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GURPS Time Travel SJG 6020 Steve Jackson Games 1991

GURPS Time Travel SJG 6020 Steve Jackson Games 1991

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GURPS Time Travel SJG 6020 Steve Jackson Games 1991

Anything Can Happen!

GURPS Time Travel is the complete guide to dimension-hopping adventure. Now GURPS players can tie all their campaigns together.... adventuring across time, or in parallel universes, to visit every GURPS worldbook ever published. This book is a collaboration between two previous winners Steve Jackson (Illuminati, Car Wars, GURPS) and John M. Ford (Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues).

GURPS Time Travel includes: A survey of time dimension travel as presented in fiction - and current scientific thought. Travel by time machine, by dimension-gate, even by the powers of the mind! Parallel worlds . . . "what if" dimensions where something, or everything, is different.

Six complete campaign backgrounds (and several mini-backgrounds) for travel through time or parallel worlds, or both! Each has its own rules for characters, travel, and paradoxes. A timeline of interesting dates in our own world's history.... as places for time travelers to visit, or as "branch points" for a parallel-world campaign.

A detailed discussion of the paradoxes you should consider in creating your own time-travel campaign. Is meddling with history easy? Impossible? Or just a Very Bad Idea? With this book, the GURPS system reaches its full potential for universal adventure. Any time, any place, any world, any genre. Anything can happen!

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