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Immortal: The Invisible War (An Alternative Personality Role-Playing Experience)

Immortal: The Invisible War (An Alternative Personality Role-Playing Experience)

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Immortal The Invisible War. Written by Ran Ackels.

Reimagining Mythology in the modern world! The end of the modern world draws near as ancient gods, myths and legends rise to fight the forces of darkness. The himsati race possesses supernatural powers and the ability to return to their primordial forms of animal, plant, and element. As one of the Reborn, you were chosen to be the last salvation, or damnation, of the immortal race. Will you take your rightful place as a champion of the Himsati race? Or will the darkness consume you and make you one of its own? How will you handle the challenge?

From back of book: "The age of innocence has ended. Immortal personas everywhere are waking up to a new experience in role-playing unprecedented in any previous gaming system. Merlin, Hercules, Marilyn Monroe, these and many other figures of legend are very much alive...influencing affairs in the mortal Habitat just as they have for millenia past. YOU are the fabric of legend. Now the time has come to shed mortal illusion and resume your place in Perpetual Society; to awake and rediscover the secrets of your own fantastic past."

This softcover book, of 286 pages, was published by Precedence Publishing in 1994.

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