d20 The Quintessential Elf Collector Series Collector Series Book Five

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The Quintessential Elf Taking an in depth look at Elves within the d20 system, this 128 page sourcebook is dedicated to players interested in running Elf-classed characters.

Written by Alejandro Melchor, this sourcebook gives a wealth of new skills, feats and prestige classes but The Quintessential Elf sets itself apart by introducing many new character options that any Elf may attempt.

As well as introducing many new sub-species of Elves, players will also be able to access the deepest secrets of this race, uncovering high magic, superior archery, skill in blades and calling upon the wrath of the Elven deities who preside over all their children.

The Quintessential Elf is a must for every player wishing to exploit the full capabilities of his or her character.