Mansion of Shadows d20 GRR3401 Green Ronin Publishing 2006

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Mansion of Shadows d20 GRR3401 Green Ronin Publishing 2006

Tired of nostalgia? Searching for d20 System adventures that look to the future instead of ape the past? The Bleeding Edge series provides state of the art fantasy scenarios, designed with today's savvy gamers in mind.

Mansion of Shadows, the first of these adventures, embroils a group of heroes in a twisted plot of lust, betrayal, and terrible evil. When they take shelter with a noble family, they uncover a web of tangled plots involving every member of the household.

To make matters worse, a vocal agitator rouses the peasants to take arms against their cruel masters. And beneath it all, a malevolent force works to corrupt them all. Can the heroes save the town? Can they thwart the intrigues and treachery, and stop the growing darkness that threatens to consume them all?

Combining great roleplaying opportunities, investigation, and plenty of action, this adventure is the perfect way to kick off a new campaign. Take your players to the Bleeding Edge with Mansion of Shadows.