Mind's Eye Theatre Laws of Ascension White Wolf Mage

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Mind's Eye Theatre Laws of Ascension White Wolf Mage

This 280-page softcover book is a sourcebook for Mind's Eye Theatre, part of the World of Darkness range from White Wolf. Mind's Eye Theatre provides a framework for live-action roleplaying set in the World of Darkness.

Nine Keys to the Universe

Mages warred for millennia to create new vistas, build a better world or determine the future of humanity. Now their struggles focus on the most important goal of all - achieving their own destinies. Traditionalists, the keepers of spiritual ways, struggle to preserve the guttering spark of magic, while the Technocracy enfolds the world in its scientific web. Every one of these elusive visionaries has the potential to surpass ordinary human limits and Ascend to a new understanding of the cosmos. But that enlightenment comes only to those who can survive and overcome their failings.

And All In Your Hands

Finally, the definitive guide to live-action Mage. Nine Traditions, nine Spheres and all of the Abilities, Attributes and storytelling ideas you can handle! Everything from the Tellurian to the Technocracy, with all the material you need to begin your own quest for Ascension.