NINJA WARS Forgotten Realms Adventure TSR - AD&D

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 NINJA WARS Forgotten Realms Adventure TSR - AD&D

Located above the city of Aru on the island nation of Wa, this shrine is the focus of a great pilgirmage.

Every year, thousands of people travel here to celebrate the Ceremony of the Three Thousand Steps.

For townsfolk and travellers alike, it is time of great celebration and revelry.

For Benju Matsutomo, Daimjyo of Aru, it is a time of worry and concern.

Something is wrong this year.

A political rival has hired a clan of ninja to disrupt the pilgrimage and disgrace Matsutomo.

But the daimyo has his own ninja, and just to be safe, he decides to hire a party of adventurers to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Of course, it doesn't...