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NOREK Shadow World Rolemaster I.C.E. WITH MAP 1990

NOREK Shadow World Rolemaster I.C.E. WITH MAP 1990

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NOREK Shadow World Rolemaster I.C.E. WITH MAP 1990

A wizened Magician in flowing black robes wanders western Jamain, a continent renowned for powerful magic and political upheavals. He seems to disappear into the mists at will. Are the Magician’s miracles “real” or the twisted work of the Unlife?

Opposing the minions of the Unlife are the citizens of the river-city, Norek, a cosmopolitan centre with nineteen bridges spanning the Alunn River. Led by a learned but divided council, and protected by a test City Guard, Norek’s folk should have little to fear. Yet within the city’s high stone walls, the Guild of Arcance Arts teaches dark magic, and a wily Thieves’ Guild operates with abandon.

Just east of Norek, the Elven King Liras gazes into the Orb of Tethior and forsees trouble brewing. How much help will the Elves offer the nearby mortals of Norek? In this fast-paced campaign of betrayal and danger, you must choose to serve the city on a mission offering exceptional challenge, or risk a fall before the dark flood of the Unlife.

Norek includes:

· Nine linked, self-contained adventures, featuring treacherous shapechangers and powerful magic-users.

· Colour Maps of the city of Norek and the continent of Jamain.

· City maps keyed to adventures.

· Complete system information for Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero, including stats for NPCs, Beasts, the Military, and more.

· Magic Items Appendix (with stats) and Price Charts for weapons and goods.

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