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Out Of The Sun Robert Goddard 1996

Out Of The Sun Robert Goddard 1996

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Out Of The Sun Robert Goddard 1996

When Harry Barnett is anonymously informed that his son is languishing in hospital in a diabetic coma, he is certain there must be some mistake, since he does not have a son. But he soon discovers that he does.

David Venning is a brilliant mathematician, whose illness is taken to be either a tragic accident or a suicide attempt.

But, oddly enough, his notebooks are missing from the hotel room in which he was found. And Harry discovers that two other scientists employed, like David, by Globescope Inc., an American forecasting institute, have died in mysterious circumstances.

Perhaps David is actually the victim of attempted murder. And perhaps the deaths of other Globescope staff are not the coincidences they seem.

Pursuing the truth in England, Denmark and the United States, Harry finds himself entangled in several different kinds of conspiracy, none of which he should in theory be able to defeat.

But as before in his life, Harry finds that circumstance and theory are not necessarily the same thing.

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