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Over Tumbled Graves Jess Walter 2001

Over Tumbled Graves Jess Walter 2001

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Over Tumbled Graves Jess Walter 2001

Spokane, Washington, a bustling city split by hurtling white-water falls. One afternoon a young woman's body is found buried in a riverside park, then a second body, then a third.

Before the week is out Caroline Mabry is plunged into a full-blown hunt for a serial murderer her colleagues have nicknamed the Southbank Strangler.

As Caroline and her troubled mentor, Alan Dupree, bridle under an investigation overrun by headline-grabbing specialists and bean-counting statisticians.

As they close in on a suspect Caroline and Alan confront dark truths about the killer-hunting industry and about their attraction to each other.

And in the end they come face-to-face with an evil very different - and far more alarming - than the one they thought they were chasing.

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