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Planescape In the Abyss AD&D 2nd ed TSR #2605 1994

Planescape In the Abyss AD&D 2nd ed TSR #2605 1994

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Planescape In the Abyss AD&D 2nd ed TSR #2605 1994

Looking for a little extra jink and maybe some excitement? It seems the Doomguard lost track of their coveted ship of chaos. It's flying about the Abyss, driving the local tanar'ri even more barmy than they already are. Several factions want to get their hands on the Doomguard's stake, so there's bound to be a few job offers for bloods looking for a little action.

Every sod's got a tale to tell about the Abyss - it's the sinkhole of the multiverse, after all, peopled with every kind of scum a body can imagine and a few he can't. Never been there? Well, there's no time like the present.

In the Abyss is a PLANESCAPE adventure for a party of four to six characters who are of levels 8 to 10. A simple errand to salvage the lost ship of chaos allows the player characters their first opportunity to explore the most notorious plane of them all. Of course, complications are as inevitable as the tanar'ri!

The Planescape Campaign Setting and Planes of Chaos boxed sets, as well as the PLANESCAPE MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM APPENDIX are required to run this adventure.

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