Ravenloft Module FEAST OF GOBLYNS AD&D 2nd Ed TSR WITH MAP - AD&D game character record sheet

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Ravenloft Module - FEAST OF GOBLYNS AD&D 2nd Ed TSR WITH MAP - AD&D game character record sheet 

Young Bryonna has been judged guilty of consorting with the dark forces of Tepest, and now she will burn at the stake for it. The Inquisitors, priests whose zealousness sometimes stirs whispers of doubt among the people, have condemned her with all the surety that comes with their "holy" power.

Heroes of integrity and justice are needed to ferret out the truth. To success, they must travel a perilous path that winds through the labyrinthine tunnels of Mount Lament and leads them to the dreaded Hags of Tepest and Tristessa the banshee. Worse still, they must ultimately face the mysterious Prince of Shadows, who manipulates the denizens of the domain for his own evil purposes.

When to stand fast? When to run? Only those who survive can say.

Servants of Darkness is a stand-along adventure that can also lead the party to investigate the misty chasm at the center of the Demiplane's Core in the The Shadow Rift, the next release for the RAVENLOFT campaign setting.
For four to six characters of levels 4-6.