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Slaine the Defiler Steven Savile 2007

Slaine the Defiler Steven Savile 2007

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Slaine the Defiler Steven Savile 2007

Defiler is the second verse in the Lay of Slaine Mac Roth, son of the Sessair. Slaine possesses the secret plans of Slough Fegg for ragnarock, though he does not understand them.

He hunts Tall Isen the wanderer, and together with Ukko they cross between worlds, entering the realm of the Sidhe in an attempt to avert the end of all things.

In the realm of the Sidhe, Slaine rescues The Knucker, a dragon, from the Otherworld, and quest for the Cauldron of Rebirth, a gift fit for a High King....

Only then can Slaine return home to Murias to claim his place at the forefront of his people, redeemed.

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