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Elmore's Sovereign Stone Game System

Elmore's Sovereign Stone Game System

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Elmore's Sovereign Stone Game System

The Sovereign Stone Game System is an exciting new role-playing game created by some of the top designers in the RPG industry.

The game is skill-based, using various die types for Skill and Attribute rolls.

The world in which the game takes place is a medieval fantasy world created by fantasy artist Larry Elmore in conjuction with NY Times best-selling authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

Sovereign Stone novels by Weis and Hickman will be coming out in the year 2000 from Harper/Prism. Elves, orks, humans and dwarves are PCs, with some interesting new twists to these standard fantasy races.

Elves follow a Samurai-like code of honor.

Dwarves are pony-riding hordes bent on world conquest. Orks are technologists and superstitious sailors.

Humans are the most varied, with several distinct kingdoms, giving a range of characters from powerful knights to barbarians.

Magic is available to all races and walks of life. Magic is rare, difficult to wield, but extremely powerful.

The heroes are Dominion Lords, powerful and magical paladins dedicated to good. The villains are anti-paladins, undead knights dedicated to the Void who must kill to maintain their unholy existence.

The world is in turmoil, as forces loyal to the Lord of the Void, the demigod Dagnarus, seek to conquer Loerem. Join those who seek to stop them--or to at least take advantage of the dire situation!

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