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Space Master 2nd Ed Space Master 2nd Edition I.C.E. (No-Box)Books

Space Master 2nd Ed Space Master 2nd Edition I.C.E. (No-Box)Books

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Space Master 2nd Ed Space Master 2nd Edition I.C.E. (No-Box)Books

The Space Master System is useable in a variety of SF environments, from a black near future of post-holocaust Earth, to a culture of high-tech exploration, to a distant time where civilization has fallen to superstitious ruin.

Choose from 17 professions, including Armsman, Planetologists, Telepaths, Starship Pilots, or Engineering Specialists. There are dozens of sub-professions, yet all are flexible, eliminating artificial restrictions.
Over 120 skills and a rich selection of background options allow each character to be a complex, multi-talented individual. The sophisticated rules are set out in a lucid, understandable format.

• Natural Laws: Generation Rules for Solar Systems, Planets, Cultures, Businesses, and Scenarios.
• Imperial Laws: Access a. wealth of information about a Terran Empire 9,000 years in the future, dominated by man and his mutated descendants. The Imperial government is detailed, including the Vega Police, the Imperial Intelligence Directorate, and Megacorporate "Royal Houses." There are sinister agencies, cults which cloak technology in a ritual of superstition, and high-tech organizations both legal and criminal.

• A Complete Starting Adventure.

• Character Generation: Details on 17 Professions and over 120 skills, embracing concepts such as Cybernetics, Subduing, Sensor Analysis, Xeno Medicine, and Hyperspace Piloting.

• Personal Combat:.Fast-paced excitement with realistic combat rules.

• Activity Rules: Maneuver guidelines for characters, as well as vehicles ranging from grayscooters to Interstellar hypershuttles.

• Telepathy: More than 500 Psions from 4 different Fields of Telepathy arranged in 24 lists.

• A full-color, poster-sized star map detailing the territory of the Terran Empire.

• Personal Weapons: Over 100 weapon types, from clubs to Plasma Repeator Rifles. Each does a unique type of damage, with individualized criticals.

• Armor: 20 types to personal armor with dozens of variations.

• Equipment: Survival gear, medical equipment, multiscanners, and portable power supplies. One of the most exhaustive compilations of future equipment anywhere.

• Humanoid Constructs: Androids, Alterant Replicants, and Robots, examples of these as well as concise rules for building your own.

• Vehicles: Hypershuttles, explorers, freighters and alien vessels. A variety of different ships, many with detailed technical illustrations.
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