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Star Crusade Fading Suns Holistic Design

Star Crusade Fading Suns Holistic Design

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Star Crusade Fading Suns Holistic Design

After the Fall of the Second Republic, many of the worlds of Human Space were lost behind sealed jumpgates. Only in the Known Worlds has civilization maintained a tenuous hold against a plunge into barbarism or so the nobles and Church would have others believe.

In truth, other star-faring nations exist in fractured jumpwebs throughout space, and some of these distant kingdoms are no longer content to stay put. The riches of the Known Worlds lure them back to the core worlds  just as the Empire reaches out for more planets to rule.

Star Crusade is a vast new campaign setting for the Fading Suns universe, focusing on the Kurgan Caliphate and Vuldrok Star-Nation.

Visit new worlds and witness their histories, people and current conflicts. Build Vuldrok and Kurgan characters, and delve into the mysteries of the Anunnaki runes.

New adventures and secrets lure player characters into deeper trouble than ever before imagined.

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