Star Wars D20 RPG Arms and Equipment Guide

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Star Wars D20 RPG Arms and Equipment Guide

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for having a good blaster at your side.

The galaxy is a dangerous place, and even the most capable heroes need the right equipment to get the job done. Outfitting for a rescue mission on a frigid ice planet differs from gearing up for an assault on a crime lord's jungle world headquarters. But with the right connections, and enough credits, heroes can acquire all the weapons and tools needed to survive any situation.

This sourcebook features:
• An arsenal of weapons and armor, along with rules for customizing and personalizing them.
• A wide variety of droids from across the galaxy, including the legendary R-Series astromech droids, binary load lifters, and the RA-7 "Death Star" droid.
• An array of vehicles from landspeeders to military walkers.
• Essential survival equipment, including breathers, comlinks, scanners, medpacs, and tools.