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Star Wars Core Rulebook The Roleplaying Game 2nd Ed West End Games 1992

Star Wars Core Rulebook The Roleplaying Game 2nd Ed West End Games 1992

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Star Wars The Roleplaying Game 2nd Edition Core Rulebook West End Games 1992

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
The Star Wars roleplaying game plunges you info the breakneck thrills and pulse-pounding excitement of the greatest space fantasy of all time!
Enter a universe of epic heroes, fearsome villains, amazing technology, and exotic aliens. Struggle against the awesome might of the evil galactic Empire, fly faster-than-light starships, trade blaster shots with stormtroopers, fight lightsaber duels against dark Jedi warriors, and tap the mystical powers of the Force. Explore a galaxy of a billion suns, a universe of dire peril, where Rebels fight desperately against Imperial oppression. In the Star Wars roleplaying game you'll face overwhelming odds and impossible challenges — but if you meet them bravely, you will triumph, for the Force is with you always!

You've seen the movies. Now live the adventure!

The Star Wars roleplaying game features:
° Simple rules that keep the action fast, capturing the spirit and excitement of the Star Wars universe.
A solitaire scenario that gets you into the game immediately.
An action-packed starter adventure that pits the players against the fearsome Pirates of Prexiar.
A detailed history of the Star Wars universe to help you design your own chapters of this epic saga.
Newly revised and indexed from Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition.

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