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Star Wars The Star Wars Sourcebook West End Games

Star Wars The Star Wars Sourcebook West End Games

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Star Wars The Star Wars Sourcebook West End Games

"Revealed for the first time!

Discover all the technical and natural wonders of the fantastic Star Wars saga. Here are sleek starfighters that clash with mile-long Star Destroyers, tilling the void with streaks of laser fire and blazing wrecks. Here are armor-clad stormtroopers battling desperate-Rebels across the galaxy. Here are detailed descriptions of the bizarre aliens, devastating weapons, amazing Droids, courageous heroes and cunning villains of the Star Wars universe.

Clear explanations and illustrations show how everything works: from lightsabers, the elegant Jedi weapon, to repulsorlifts that defy gravity. Stories, maps, charts and much more highlight this extraordinary guide to Star Wars, the greatest space fantasy of all time!
* Over 120 illustrations and photograph from the Star Wars archives — many never published before!

* Maps of a Rebel Outpost and an Imperial Garrison, plus rosters of their equipment and personnel.

* Technical manual for the X-wing starfighter.

* Dossiers on Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker. Princess Leia, Han Solo and other major heroes and villains.

* Floor plans of the incredible smuggling ship Millennium Falcon.

* Blasters and lightsabers — how they work and where to get them.

* Performance data for vehicles from speeder bikes, AT-AT walkers, and TIE fighters, to awesome Star Destroyers.

* Detailed descriptions of: Alien beings, including Wookiees, Jawas, and Gamorreans. Droids, including R2-D2 and C-3PO. Stormtrooper weapons, armor, organization and elite units. Creatures, including Mynocks and Jabba's vicious Rancor. Hyperdrives, sensors, deflector shields, and escape pods.

* Plus dozens of other entries — nearly 100 in all!"
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