Stormlord Rising The Stormlord trilogy #2 Glenda Larke

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Stormlord Rising The Stormlord trilogy #2 Glenda Larke

The last Stormlord is dead - and war has arrived. The nomadic Reduners have put the Quartern's rainlords to the sword, leaving their cities without water or hope.

Shale still lives, despite being betrayed, drugged and sold to his greatest enemy. Yet Shale needs his adversary more than his freedom, as thousands will die if they don't channel the rains together.

For Shale isn't a Stormlord in his own right at least, not yet.

Only Terelle could help him now, but she's a prisoner herself and far from home. And a new force is rising in the desert. While kept as a Reduner whore, Rainlord Ryka Feldspar witnesses a power that can move the sands themselves.

The Reduners are hailing this power as god-given, and its impact could transform a world.