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Sword & Sorcery Demons and Devils d20 WW 8354 Necromancer Games 2001

Sword & Sorcery Demons and Devils d20 WW 8354 Necromancer Games 2001

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Sword & Sorcery Demons and Devils d20  WW 8354 Necromancer Games 2001

The End of A Quest?

There it lay, the fabled holy sword of Karith, within the onyx altar just as the legends told. As you step over the corpses of the final guardian creatures, you shift your shield to your back. Your thoughts turn towards your triumphant return with this wondrous item of legend. But as your hand reaches for the hilt, the wizard screams. Turning, you see a gathering blackness, containing a monstrous winged figure that is blacker still. Your nostrils fill with the sulfurous vapors of the Abyss and you hear its booming voice, freezing you where you stand: FOOL! Did you believe I would let this be so EASY?

Wicked Hiding Places

Need a difficult hiding place for that holy sword your paladin is questing for? Then Demons and Devils is for you! Demons and Devils is the first module in our "Lair" series, a set of modules containing short adventures useable in one or two game sessions for the overworked Dungeon Master who doesn't need a full-scale dungeon. Published under the D20 system, Demons and Devils contains three short, difficult dungeons: The Sorceror's Citadel, "Ras Evil Grin" and The Pit of Despair. Each of these is a perfect hiding place for items a party may be questing for. And, in the fine Necromancer Games tradition, each of these short dungeons centers around a demon or devil which guards that item. We've made the dungeon, you decide what you want to hide there. Now sit back and watch your players try to get it!

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