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Sword & Sorcery Nature's Fury d20 WW16000 Fiery Dragon 2001

Sword & Sorcery Nature's Fury d20 WW16000 Fiery Dragon 2001

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Sword & Sorcery Nature's Fury d20 WW16000 Fiery Dragon 2001

Cold winds and harsh climates can be just as deadly as swords and spells.

Nature's Fury contains two complete d20 adventure scenarios, each featuring an icy challenge for a party of four characters. These adventures are designed to fit easily into an ongoing campaign, and wherever possible the Game Master is given options on modifying and replacing parts of the background with elements of his or her own game world. Nature's Fury contains full color cardstock counters fully compatible with the d20 system and each creature's size and facing stats.

Swords Through the Ice Gates by Mike Mearls. An adventure for four 6th-level characters. The hamlet of Owen's Point sits quietly under three inches of snow. The air has a sharp cold in it, the kind that penetrates even the thickest of furs like frozen daggers driven by the howling winds. If today were early winter, those of Owen's Point would just shake their heads and comment that winters are nothing like they used to be, back in the day. Yet today is but a week past midsummer, and the people of Owen's Point are no longer around to comment on the weather.

The Crystal Tower by James Bell. An adventure for four 5th-level characters.
The spring comes early this year. After a bountiful harvest season, winter was unusually short and warm, especially so in the coastal city of Varloon. The trading galleys from the Northlands now follow the warm winds down along the coast, their holds full of rich furs and pelt, rare ores, and other precious materials valued by the merchants and elite of Varloon.

Another item of value, rare and mysterious, has made the journey along the coast and now waits beyond the harbor of Varloon. Few know the truth about this item and fewer still own the resources to attain it. Who will be the ones to retrieve the amulet of wizardly power from the Crystal Tower?

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