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The Angel Maker Ridley Pearson 1994

The Angel Maker Ridley Pearson 1994

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The Angel Maker Ridley Pearson 1994

Deep in the heart of a  heartless city... She could have been any  homeless, nameless young woman trying to escape Seattle's  mean streets. Except the sixteen-year-old who  stumbled into the shelter that night was missing a lot  of blood, and something even more vital...

Somewhere between life and death... For police woman  Daphne Matthews, it was bizarre enough to call on the  best cop she knew... especially when a search  turned up more than she knew... especially when a  search turned up more mutilated corpses.

For ex-homicide detective Lou Boldt, it was the kind of case he  couldn't resist. And for Elden Tegg, healer, only  path to salvation... and immorality... Lurks the  angel maker. And now, as the body count rises, tow  cops try one last, desperate ploy.

But they'd  better start praying. Because it will take a miracle  to stop a killer who's about to make one final,  unforgettable contribution to humankind...

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