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The Heart of Glass d20 Troll Lord Games

The Heart of Glass d20 Troll Lord Games

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The Heart of Glass d20 Troll Lord Games

The Valiant Die at Midnight!

Upon the shores of Ihlsa lie the Sea Towns, old burgs polluted by the pestilence of evil.  Thieves battle for their streets, while assassins stalk their midnight aisles.  Only the valiant can penetrate the darkness, upset the plans of an undead lord, and retrieve the artifact he so ardently desires, the Heart of Glass.

This Companion Book contains a complete adventure for characters of levels 2-3, and detailes the complete fantasy setting of the Sea Towns of Ihlsa, ready for play in the epic World of Erde or for placement in any homebrew setting.  In addition to their histories, relevant personages, and forty-one encounter areas, you'll find:

  • The Crna Ruk prestige class, dread assassin-priests that bring new meaning to the word cutthroat
  • The Hlobane Orc monster race.  Play or fight one of these disciplined and devoted warriors of the most feared orc nation
  • New monsters, spells, and magic items, such as the Soul Thief, the Blood Runes, and the legendary Heart of Glass

Draw Steel, Epic Adventure Awaits!

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