The Legion of Videssos Videssos Cycle #3 Harry Turtledove

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The Legion of Videssos Videssos Cycle #3 Harry Turtledove

Videssos was not like Marcus Scarus' native Rome. But he found politics and intrigue the same deadly!

Book Three of The Videssos Cycle Since the Roman legion had been mysteriously transported to this world of magic, tribune Marcus Scaurus had served the rulers of war-torn Videssos well.

He had been largely responsible for ousting the Pretender and putting Thorish Gavras on the throne. That, of course, made him a hero. Rome or Videssos, however, Fortune was a fickle goddess. Now he and the legion were returning in triumph to Videssos the city after defeating a well-entrenched army of rebel mercenaries.

But Marcus, betrayed by the one closest to him, was returning to be seized, dragged before the Emperor, and questioned under truth-drug like a traitor. Of the court, only Alypia Gavra stuck by him but consorting with the Emperor's niece was dangerous. It could lead to exile or death!

Yet Alypia was attractive. And Marcus was lonely