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The Magic Dump d20 MKY 1111 Monkey God Enterprises 2002

The Magic Dump d20 MKY 1111 Monkey God Enterprises 2002

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The Magic Dump d20 MKY 1111 Monkey God Enterprises 2002

Welcome to the Magic Dump, but please be careful.

All may not be what you'd expect. After all, the monsters here steal church furniture, while the frogs explode. Alligators come with four heads, and innocent little birds turn ferocious. Please don't try to keep the people living in the cemetery buried.

They have lots of room to share and are only looking for new friends - like you. Meanwhile the bellows you hear come from a creature named "Mittens;" a creature that would be happy to have you for lunch.

Other than that, the Magic Dump is just like any other place that contains a pile of magic items that nobody wants. Against the panorama of this strange and forbidding region is Greeley, the enigmatic Prime of Harwich.

He is storming around his castle bellowing "Bring me her carcass" every time someone mentions his bride-to-be. Ianthe' has gone missing and is apparently inside the swamp. His desire for her is so strong that he's offering 50,000 gold pieces for anyone brave enough to bring her back.

Their wedding was supposed to end an ages old war. He wants her, but why is the wanted poster so crudely worded? Is the Prime mad, in either sense of the word, or does he have something else in mind for his fiancée? Ask yourself which is stranger, the kingdom or its swamp?

The Magic Dump is an outdoor module for a party of 6th to 8th level adventurers. Staged in the swamp, it is also a partial maze featuring a myriad of new magic items and original creatures.

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